Lance Bauer B
 Ty Bornman Open
 Jamie Cassel Open
 Sean Cleary Major
 Bob Culp Open
 Art Devoe
 Eric Fogel Open
 Troy Hertzler A
 Merlin High B
 Bill Hillhouse Major
 Hugh Hillhouse
 Bill Kozlavick Open
 Cliff Martin  B
 Darryl Martin  B
 Kenton Martin  Open
 Jason McClune  B
 Mike Ohl
 Charles Rhoades Jr.  B
 Jerlin Rutt  B
 Ryan Rutt  B
 Rick Sklodowski  Open
 Mike Smith
 Dave Stokes  A
 Tom Vogel
 Dwayne Weiler  B
 Clyde Zimmerman  Open
 Justin Zimmernan  B
 Leroy Zimmerman  B


Players listed here who were not moved by the National code in 2012, may file an appeal.

Any player who participates in the 2013 ISC World Tournament or the NAFA Open or AA-Major Tournament will not be eligible to play in the  ASA “C” National Tournament in 2013.


 Eric Sensenig  B to C
 Tristan Sensenig  B to C
 Jeremy Sensenig  B to C
 Nate Eberly  B to C


 Willow Street  C1 to B by National
 Elite/Hoffman  Open to B by National
 RM Kurtz  C1 to Open by State
 Lance Bauer  Open to B by National
 Charles Rhoades, Jr.  C1 to B by National
 Jason McClune  Open to B by National
 Cliff Martin  Open to B by National
 Jerlin Rutt  C1 to B by National
 Dwayne Weiler  Open to B by National
 Kenton Martin  C1 to Open by State
 Clyde Zimmerman  C1 to Open by State