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A Special “Thank You” to Sheri Burdett for 2015 HOF Banquet photos!

Barry L. Lutz 

Barry played fast pitch softball for 36 years as a Class “A” Pitcher and Player, playing with four Lebanon County teams (Prescott, South Lebanon, Country House, Wet Your Whistle).  722 wins, 301 loses. Also played in Lebanon Industrial League with 105 wins, 20 losses.  Participated in 15 Lebanon City-County League Championships, 11 Lebanon City-County Playoff Championships and was tournament MVP 10 times.  Barry won 4 Pennsylvania State ASA Championship titles recording 35 wins, 7 losses and pitched in 3 national tournaments. He had a .320 lifetime batting average, 1,000+ hits, pitched 8,744 innings and played in 30 ASA Championship tournaments.

Wife, Donna, accepted on Barry’s behalf.

Nancy Keeley

Nancy has been a pitcher throughout her softball career and was one of the founders for the “Del Val Women’s Fast Pitch League”, formed in 1977 and still in existence today.  An 11 time Del Val Women’s Class “A” Fast Pitch Champion, Nancy went undefeated 1978 in the Del Val League season.  She played for Sharon Hill AA from 1969 thru 1991 during which she and the team were 3 time ASA Pennsylvania Class “A” Women’s State Champions.  In 1984 the team placed seventh in the ASA Women’s Fast Pitch National Championship; in 1985 they won the ASA Regional Qualifier with an ERA of .093 and Nancy pitched a perfect game in the Del Val Women’s league semi-finals.  Nancy had a batting average of .275 and ERA of 1.06.  She had to her credit 285 wins and 78 losses with 392 strikeouts and 179 walks and a fielding average of .932.

Sharon Hill Class “A” Women’s Fastpitch Team

The Sharon Hill Women’s Fast Pitch Team participated in the Del Val Women’s League, amassing a record of 338 wins/141 losses from 1977 thru 1991.  They had 197 wins/61 losses in league games, 62 wins/25 losses in playoffs and 79 wins/55 losses in tournament play winning tournaments every year from 1982 thru 1987 including 3 PA state titles in 1983, 1984 and 1986, the Philadelphia Invitational in 1982, Regional Qualifier in Marcus Hook in 1985 and the Aberdeen Invitational in 1987.  The team won 11 Class “A” Women’s Fast Pitch league titles which included 5 from 1983 thru 1987 and an undefeated season in 1978.  In 1987 Sharon Hill finished 7th at the ASA National Tournament where Theresa Dunbar and Vicky Greenwood were named to the All American Team.

David M. Breon

David Breon began his softball career at the age of 12 as the bat boy for “Standard Lime” men’s softball team in 1965.  His intrigue with pitching led to his imitating pitchers and he practiced throwing against a concrete wall at his home.  At 14, he was eligible to participate in “The Big Spring Fast Pitch Men’s Softball League” on a team “Valley Homes” managed by his uncle.  David played for various men’s fast pitch teams and at 20, he was given the chance to be the main pitcher for a new team sponsored by “Marblehead Lime Co.”  David then traveled to Mount Union, PA to play for Cutshall Construction, and completed his softball career by playing for Central Tank and Tower at the age of 46 when he won the only state title of his career in 1998.  The team finished ninth in the ASA Nationals in Prescott, Arizona earning them a berth to 1999 ASA Nationals, however, due to an injury Dave was unable to participate in the national tournament and retired from the game as a player and instead shared his love and knowledge of fast pitch by working with pitchers at the high school level for many years.  When Dave’s daughter, Kristi, was twelve years old he organized the first girl’s fast pitch travel team in his area called “The Bellefonte Belles”.  The “Belles” placed 3rd in the ASA Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament and qualified for the ASA National Tournament in Midland, TX where they finished 25th out of 75 teams.  During David’s tenure as President of the Centre Region Girls’ Fast Pitch Softball League the league grew from 5 teams to 28 teams. David was appointed Deputy Youth Commissioner for District 8 and during that period he was involved in organizing the girl’s fast pitch program in Mifflin County.  David stepped down as Deputy Youth Commissioner due to his heavy involvement in coaching at the high school level.  David has coached ASA Girl’s Fast Pitch for 14 years, served as president for 2 ASA organizations for a total of 20 years and umpired ASA for 4 years.  David says, “Softball is a disease….once it gets in your blood….you can’t get rid of it”!

Suzanne Robison

Suzanne Robison is being inducted in the Amateur Softball Association of Pennsylvania Hall of Fame as an “Administrator”. Suzanne’s softball career began some 20 years ago as the District 11 Administrator responsible for registering teams and umpires for ASA of PA; creating brackets for state, area and district tournaments; and performing administrative duties for the West Shore Men’s Slow Pitch Softball League.  In 1998, she was appointed District 11 JO Commissioner and when individual registration was introduced, she registered over 3,200 player/coaches for District 11, personally meeting with leagues and teams and assisting them in the registration process.  She was appointed Deputy State JO Commissioner in 2006.  Suzanne has served as tournament director and assistant tournament director for numerous Eastern National tournaments hosted by ASA of PA for Girls’ 10U thru 18U where she was responsible for communicating with participating teams, preparing the tournament information packet, creating brackets and preparing all reports required by the ASA National Office.  In 2009, Suzanne was elected to the State Treasurer post and has served as the REGISTERASA Administrator for ASA of PA since 2010.  She is responsible for registering and assisting teams in individually registering over 24,000 players and coaches for the JO and adult programs annually, and administering 2,500 background clearances each year for coaches/volunteers since the inception of ASA background clearances in 2013.  Suzanne also compiles and reports over 1,900 umpire registrations and 4,300 adult and 1,000 JO Team Registrations to the ASA national office each season.  For the last 3 years, Suzanne has also served on the ASA National Junior Olympic Ad-Hoc committee.


Special Recognition

Brenda Smerigan

Del Val League

J. Richard Millhouse Memorial

Umpire Award:

Douglas “Jacob” Royal 

President’s Award

Bill Burdett

15 Year Service Award

 Bob “Mopes” Mullaney

R.M Kurtz Enterprise

Men’s Class “C” Fast Pitch

Eastern National Champions

District 6

Sports Writer’s Award

Harry Chaykun

Delaware County Daily Times


Pictured above from left to right:

Dan Isaacs accepting for Maroadi Transfer (team)

Dan McCollick (coach)

Ed McCormick (sponsor)

Rexford Dale Giberson (player)

Charles “Sonny” Termine (player/sponsor)

Samuel J Riccardo, Sr. (player)


Maroadi Transfer

Eric Bernier (right), Recipient of the J. Richard Millhouse Memorial Award




ASA of PA is proud to acknowledge all of our Hall of Fame members:

 Member HOF Class
 Thomas Aber  2009
 Dean Amick*  1981
 Pete Andrasko  2011
 Frank Barletta  1988
 Rocco Barletta  1988
 George Baumann*  1982
 Ted Baynes, Sr.  1979
 Oscar Benson, Sr.*  1977
 Audrey Betz  1987
 Ron Bohner*  2008
 R. Luau Bowers  2005
 Verne Brandon*  1979
 Charles Breon  1995
 David M. Breon  2015
 Walter Broome*  1977
 Sam Caiaza  1983
 Pete Caniglia  1976
 Joe Caro  1991
 Rocky Colangelo*  1996
 A. Barrie Cole  1989
 William “Bing” Conlin*  1974
 Francis Cray  1982
 Mary Ann Curran  2010
 Degenstein Foundation  2005
 Richard “Zeke” Delong  1991
 Guy Demaio  1984
 Michael Dietz*  1981
 Charles DiMarco  2013
 Gary Distasio  1988
 Elmer Dixon  2002
 James W. “Doc” Dougherty  2003
 Joseph Drach  1979
 Galen Driebelbis  1979
 Dudley Sports Co. (Joe Marsala)  1989
 Ed Dull  2004
 Theresa Dunbar  2008
 Gordie Eck  1985
 Dwight “Dyke” Eck  1989
 Joe Embroski  1981
 John Erney  1984
 Steve Fornadel  2011
 John “Juggo” Frank  2012
 Robert Fryer*  1975
 Sullivan “Sully” Gelet  2011
 Harry “Pinky” Geraci  2003
 Rexford Dale Giberson  2014
 Dorothy “Renie” Grebinger*  1987
 Anthony “Bercie” Guiliano  2000
 Roy Harpster*  1989
 Virginia “Ginny” Heath  2009
 Ron Herr  2007
 James Hertzler  2008
 Kenneth Hertzler  2008
 Ron Hoak  2004
 Bob Hoffman*  1975
 Art Hoover  2002
 Judy Horning  1997
 John Hospidor*  1978
 Earl Hunsicker*  1975
 Joe Hurley  1999
 Harry “Drapper: Hutton  1991
 Iron Dukes Softball Team  2012
 Donald Johnson  1992
 Dale Johnson  2007
 Albert Jones  1993
 James Kauffman  1996
 Charles “Chub” Kaufman  1992
 Francis Keating  2012
 Nancy Keeley  2015
 Robert Kenneson*  1983
 Robert Kenny  1977
 Jeffrey Kepner  2011
 Dawn Kerns  1990
 Jake Kislan*  1990
 Paul Knapp  1999
 Paul Kollar  2001
 Michael Kovack  1993
 Randy Kulp*  1988
 Joe Lacoe  1981
 Joe Larock  1988
 Curt Lemuell*  1999
 Lisle “Pete” Lighter  1976
 Robert Lilley*  1993
 Andrew S. Loechner, Jr.  1985
 Inez “Chick” Long  2011
 Larry Loss  1999
 Barry Lutz*  2015
 Hal Lutz*  2004
 Jim Manenti*  1979
 Maroadi Transfer  2014
 Robert Martin  1997
 Fritz Martinelli*  1988
 Joe Matalavage  2000
 Frank “Tanky” Matthews  1996
 Veronica “Ronnie” Maurek*  2009
John “XE” McAndrew  2012
Dan McCollick  2014
Ed McCollick  2014
Audrey McComsey  1986
Edward McGaughey*  1997
Gene McSweeney  2001
Kenneth Meckley  2002
 Dan Miller*  1982
 Clark Miller  1983
 J. Richard Millhouse*  1986
 Bernice “Moonie” Mohn*  2006
 Steve Moore*  1995
 Robert W. Mullaney  2012
 Bernadette Murphy  2013
 Pat Nattle  2000
 James “Junie” Noel  1994
 Charles “Jack” Ohl*  2013
 Michael Ohl  2013
 Ray Oswald  2001
 PA Army National Guard Co.  C 867th Eng. Battalion  1979
 Barry Parmer, Jr.*  2012
 Barry Parner, Sr.  2010
 William Pennabaker  2011
 David Persing  1998
 Henry Pollard  1997
 Sonny Pompilli  1991
 Don E. Porter  2005
 George Leroy Powell*  1974
 Paul Price  1990
 Bernie Profato  1996
 Reading Rising Suns  2010
 Charles R. Rhoades, Sr.  2005
 Ron “Rocket” Rhoads  1999
 Samuel J. Riccardo, Sr.  2014
 William Robison  1992
 Suzanne Robison  2015
 David Rocco  2010
 John Rokosz  2006
 Donald Runyon*  1992
 Fred “Bull” Ryan  2003
 Jacob Salsgiver*  1985
 Rocco Santilli  1987
 Ray Saul*  1995
 Robert “Bob” Savoie  2003
 Tom Schadt*  2013
 Herb Schofield*  1976
 Robert C. Scott  2006
 Dolores Seigfried  1989
 Jeff Sell  2013
 Phyllis Shaak  1992
 Sharon Hill Class “A” Women’s Fast Pitch Team  2015
 Barry Sharp  2004
 Mike Shenk  2007
 Jeff Siper  2000
 Carl Solarek  1986
 Verda Stevens*  1978
 Ty Stofflet  2002
 Robert Strait  1984
 Stacey Stuck  2009
 Charles “Sonny” Termine  2014
 Ron Trimble  2008
 Jack Vardaro*  1979
 Jerry Wagner  2008
 Michael Walsh  2012
 Berry N. Weaver  2010
 Donald Westbrook  2001
 Patti Whitman  1986
 Ronald Wissinger  2013
 Paul Yanisko  2007
 Robert Yoder  1982
 York City Parks & Rec  2011
 York County Convention &  Visitors’ Bureau  2010
 Harry “Cy” Young  1994