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ASA of PA Junior Olympic Program

 No pick up players are permitted for Advanced Play Qualifier tournaments including
Eastern National Qualifiers, ASA/USA National Qualifiers, Junior Olympic Hall of Fame
Qualifiers or Territory Qualifiers. Exception:
 Pick-up Players are permitted for ASA of PA State Championships, however, players
may participate in only one ASA of PA Junior Olympic State Championship tournament
in a season.
 Maximum of 3 pick-up players per team per event.
 Player must be individually registered with ASA of PA.
 Player must have played on an ASA of PA individually registered team for the current
 Player must be from the same division of play and from the same or lower
o Division of play: Girls’ Fastpitch
o Classification: Age & Class, ex. 18U Class A
 A player may play on only one team other than their own team within a division in a
 For National Championship tournaments: Player must be from an ASA of PA
registered team that is no longer eligible for championship play.
 Official ASA Pick-up Player Form must be completed and signed by player’s
parent/guardian if under 18 years old and then by the ASA of PA State JO
 Pick-up player form must be attached to team’s official roster before the team plays in
the tournament.
 Copy of pickup player’s photo ID, proof of individual registration, and proof of age
document must be attached to Pick-up player form.